Klaas Kuiken turns common green bottles into incredible vases with this clever trick

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Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken has found a way to transform everyday glass bottles into incredible vases. He begins by wrapping wire around the bottles, and then he heats them up and uses an air compressor to inflate them into fantastic sculptural shapes. Kuiken was inspired to create his Bottles Collection , after being captivated by the small distinct details found in the mass-produced green bottles. He began to cut into the bottles and found that the thickness was different in most of the bottles. These little irregularities prompted the designer to turn the “flaws” into something uniquely beautiful. Related: Birdhouse Roof Tile: Cozy Nesting Site For Birds Brings Wildlife to Your Home To breathe new life into the products, Kuiken created a unique glass blowing system using a modified oven and a compressor. He begins the process by wrapping each bottle tightly with wire before placing them in his homemade oven. As the compressor gently blows air into the bottles, the glass begins to warp, bulging more on the thinner spots and less where it’s thicker. After countless experiments (some of which resulted in explosions and cracked glass), the designer finally achieved the right balance, resulting in beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass vases . The Bottles Collection has 17 different models – which were recently on display at the London Design Festival – and they can be purchased online . + Klaas Kuiken Photography by Masha Bakker

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Klaas Kuiken turns common green bottles into incredible vases with this clever trick


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