Karton creates ultra-durable cardboard furniture for every room in your home

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Cardboard furniture doesn’t have to be boring. A startup from Melbourne, Karton Group has just opened a new Brooklyn showroom featuring a wide range of practical furniture pieces, all made from incredibly durable cardboard that is 100 percent recyclable. Although the company originated in Australia, the young startup has recently opened a showroom in Brooklyn, New York featuring their range of cardboard furniture . Everything they produce is made from recycled materials and free from toxins. The furniture pieces, which are constructed with super high-grade corrugated paper board, include everything from a bed frame, nightstand, and chest of drawers to an elegant work desk. Although the design of the furniture line was inspired to provide affordable furnishings, the aesthetic is surprisingly clean and polished . Related: This beautiful furniture by Emilie Mazeau-Langlais is actually made from cardboard For those worried about stability, the cardboard furniture is said to be exceptionally durable. Designed to last for more than 10 years, the fun furnishings are as practical as it gets. As for sturdiness, the Karton Bed, for example, has a load capacity of over two tons. Another bonus? The furniture can be assembled in a matter of minutes, without tools. The designers use an innovative system of folds and tabs to shape the furniture into place following simple, printed assembly instructions. The company also offers various step-by-step video tutorials online. + Karton Group

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Karton creates ultra-durable cardboard furniture for every room in your home


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