Ithaca Turns Dog Poo Into Compost

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Dog litter bin photo from Shutterstock In the U.S., approximately 78 million dogs leave behind 10.6 million tons of dog waste each year. Three years ago a park in Ithaca, NY launched a plan to lessen that environmental impact by composting dog waste. Now the first batch of dog poo compost is complete after 18 months. The results are, literally and figuratively, mixed: 12 tons of dog waste have been diverted from landfills, yet the end product is only two truckloads of compost – not enough to sustain the program through sales. Read the rest of Ithaca Turns Dog Poo Into Compost Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Allen H. Treman Marine State Park , cayuga compost , compost , composting , dog poo , dog poo compost , dog waste , ithaca , Leon Kochian

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Ithaca Turns Dog Poo Into Compost


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