INFOGRAPHIC: Make Fresh Food Last Longer

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Wasted food is more than just wasted money. Every time you toss uneaten produce in the compost, it causes unnecessary environmental damage and wastes water. So how do you make your food last longer? This new infographic by NeoMam Studios for Pounds to Pocket has all the details on preserving , storing and prolonging the life of all of your fresh food, saving you money and the planet. Check out the full infographic after the break! Read the rest of INFOGRAPHIC: Make Fresh Food Last Longer Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: food waste , fresh food waste , infographic , Inhabitat Infographic , make cheese last longer , make eggs last longer , make vegetables last longer , making fruit last longer , preserving cheese , preserving eggs , preserving fresh food , preserving fruit , preserving produce , preserving vegetables , Produce , produce waste

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INFOGRAPHIC: Make Fresh Food Last Longer


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