Incredible 3km floating dock covered in yellow fabric will be crossing Italy’s Lake Iseo

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The artists are known for large-scale installations . They created a massive ” Valley Curtain ” in Colorado and a large-scale inflatable indoor sculpture in Germany. Works in progress include an oil barrel pyramid made of 410,000 barrels and the Over the River fabric installation that will use 5.9 miles of silvery fabric panels. Related: Conceptual Artist Christo to Build Giant Pyramid of 410,000 Oil Barrels for Abu Dhabi Floating Piers will grace Italy’s Lake Iseo. It has been 40 years since Christo last worked in Italy. ” Modular floating docks ” will be created with 220,000 ” high-density poly-ethylene cubes ” that will be covered in 100,000 square meters of ” shimmering yellow fabric .” The floating walkway will be about three kilometers long, just under two miles. The walkway will allow pedestrians to cross the lake from the town of Sulzano to the town of Peschiera Maraglio on the island of Monte Isola. From there, they can walk over to the small island of San Paolo, which will be framed entirely by the yellow floating walkway. The yellow fabric will continue through the streets Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio for 1.5 kilometers, just under one mile. The project will be paid for wholly by the sales of Christo’s original pieces of art. Floating Piers will be open to the public for 16 days between June 18 and July 3. After that time, the cubes and fabric will be ” industrially recycled .” + Christo and Jeanne-Claude Photography by Wolfgang Volz ; collages by Christo

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Incredible 3km floating dock covered in yellow fabric will be crossing Italy’s Lake Iseo


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