Hyundai unveils new Nexo fuel cell SUV with an impressive 370-mile range

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Hyundai plans to introduce at least 18 new eco-friendly car models by 2025, starting with the Hyundai Nexo fuel cell vehicle that made its debut at CES in Las Vegas. The Nexo is Hyundai’s second fuel cell SUV following the Tucson FCEV , which has received a long list of upgrades that will make it more appealing and easier to live with. The Hyundai Nexo is based on an entirely new platform that’s not only lighter, but also allows for better packaging of the fuel cell components and the large battery pack . Compared to the old Tucson FCEV, the Nexo is larger in every dimension, with more interior space, but the new lighter platform and more powerful hydrogen fuel cell powertrain gives the Nexo better all around performance. Related: Hyundai’s first long-range EV arrives next year For starters, the Nexo is powered by a more powerful 120 kW electric motor and a larger 40 kW battery pack. The Nexo can reach 60 mph three seconds faster than the Tucson FCEV, but the best part is the driving range. The Nexo can travel up to 370 miles, compared to the Tucson with its 265-mile range, and can be fully refueled in five minutes – try that with an electric car . When the Nexo arrives in early 2018, it will also debut several new driver assist technologies that are new to the Hyundai brand. A new Blind-spot View Monitor takes the conventional blind spot monitor a step further with cameras that display the views on either side of the vehicle on the center mounted screen. The system uses wide angle surround view monitors on each side of the vehicle giving drivers a better view of what cannot be seen with a traditional rearview mirror. The new Lane Following Assist with Highway Driving Assist automatically adjusts the steering to keep the Nexo centered in its lane. The system works at speeds between 0-90 mph and on both highways and city streets. The Highway Driving Assist system uses sensors and map data to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed. Lastly, the Nexo will arrive with a new Remote Smart Parking Assist system that will enable the vehicle to autonomously park or retrieve itself from a parking space with or without a driver in the car. + Hyundai All images ©Hyundai

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Hyundai unveils new Nexo fuel cell SUV with an impressive 370-mile range


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