Hyundai foldable electric Ioniq scooter will make your commute awesome

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Hyundai is taking an inventive approach to mobility with a foldable electric Ioniq scooter . The cool “first and last mile mobility” Ioniq vehicle that makes your 2000 Razor scooter jealous can be stored in the Ioniq Electric car’s front door. Unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the shiny scooter is targeted for transportation after parking or en route to a public transit station. Hyundai’s tackling hybrid and electric travel through Project Ioniq , and the new scooter is one of their latest concepts. There’s scant information on the scooter as of now, but Hyundai used the terms ‘lightweight’ and ‘portable’ prominently in their announcement. We don’t know how fast or far it will travel, or how much it will cost. Related: Hyundai’s new hybrid Ioniq is the first car to take on the Toyota Prius Hyundai did dangle a few tantalizing details, such as the digital dashboard on the scooter’s handle. Users can check their battery life, speed, and range on the digital dashboard. Scrolling up or down on a thumb switch lets a rider accelerate or brake, or they can brake via a rear wheel pad. Riders can unfold and fold up the scooter with one hand. Front and rear lights keep a rider safe, and there are even sensors incorporated so the scooter only switches to riding mode when a person is safely on the device. The scooter can be charged while in the electric car’s front door. In a statement, Head of Hyundai Motor Central Advanced Research and Engineering Institute Tae Won Lim said, “As we look ahead, our vision is to be a world leader in hyper-connected living and to offer our customers seamless, end-to-end transport solutions.” We don’t yet know when – or if – Hyundai will release the Ioniq scooter. Via The Verge and Hyundai Images via Hyundai

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Hyundai foldable electric Ioniq scooter will make your commute awesome


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