Hundreds of colorful swings transform a busy street in Luxembourg

July 21, 2016 by  
Filed under Eco, Green The swings are suspended just out of reach of pedestrians, evoking a sense of nostalgia for lazy summer days and childhood memories. With the ropes painted in bright colors, the installation is impossible to miss. In an article published at Dezeen , Mertens explained his intent: “Re-appropriated, multiplied and transposed in an unexpected context – suspended over a downtown pedestrian street – the swing becomes a playful work of art.” This isn’t the first time Mertens has created a magical and slightly surreal outdoor art installation. In the past, he’s created an “urban game” that passersby could play using a giant red balloon controlled by motion detectors, and sculptures involving balloons, chandeliers, and lightbulbs sprouting from the floor like flowers. The installation was created as part of a competition organized by the City of Luxembourg and several local groups. It was selected out of five other finalists for display, taking a month and a half to put together the swings and three days for a team of workers to install. If you’d like to catch it while it’s still on display, don’t wait — it’s only going to be up through August 2016. + Max Mertens

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Hundreds of colorful swings transform a busy street in Luxembourg


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