How to recycle your holiday tree

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  As the holidays come to a close, the gifts have been given, the cookies have been eaten, and your holiday tree is more than likely starting to look a little crisp around the edges. It’s at this point in the holiday season that the realities of the Christmas tree dilemma start to sink in. Fortunately, there are some great ways to recycle your tree so it doesn’t just end up as landfill, and we’ve also touched upon some greener ideas for future holidays . Read on to learn more! Read the rest of How to recycle your holiday tree Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: borrow a tree , christmas tree , christmas tree mulch , evergreen tree , evergreen trees , fir , grow your own tree , holiday tree , holiday trees , how to recycle your christmas tree , live tree , live-cut tree , mulch , Noble Fir , pine , Recycled tree , recycled xmas trees , recycling christmas trees , recycling trees , Recycling your christmas tree , spruce , tree rental , treecycle , treecycling , xmas tree , xmas tree mulch , xmas tree to be , xmas trees

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How to recycle your holiday tree


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