HOW TO: Green Your Laundry Room

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Most people would love it if their laundry rooms could be more efficient and frankly, more attractive – we hate spending time in there, but when we do, we might as well enjoy it, right? Luckily, the world of laundry is evolving and there are an increasing number of options out there to help people create smarter laundry rooms. Read on as we showcase the state of the art in green clothes cleaning! Read the rest of HOW TO: Green Your Laundry Room Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: eco laundry , energy efficient laundering , Green Appliances , green laundry , high efficiency home , high-efficiency appliances , home appliances , new technology for the laundry room , smarter laundry , smarter laundry room , sustainable appliances , sustainable laundry

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HOW TO: Green Your Laundry Room


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