How it works: Heat activated fan

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Dipika Sharma: Heat Activated Fans These fans just need to be placed above a stove and you can enjoy warm breeze. What is it: When it comes to making new inventions, human beings have always been able to go beyond the imaginary. How unbelievable would it be if natural gas or stove could be used to run a fan? Sounds a bit weird but this is the reality, thanks to Garrett Wade. The world is desperately looking for alternatives to their needs so that they do not harm the environment and thus provide some ease to the ailing earth. This invention is surely a step towards an eco friendly technology. It is surely the right invention at the right time when the whole world is seeking electricity saving alternatives. Technology used: This heat activated fan comprises of a thermoelectric motor which needs heat for the propulsion of its petals. It just needs to be placed above a heater or natural stove; the heat generated from them will propel the fan blades and provide warm wind. So, all you need to do is to place it above your stove and enjoy warm breeze that too without getting worked up thinking of the electricity bill. By using the heat activated fan, the stove too can be utilized effectively and electricity can be saved. How does it work: Since these fans do not run on electricity, it is totally cordless and can be placed anywhere. The price range of these fans is from $139 to $179 and these are available in number of sizes so that the user can pick up according to his/her requirements. This fan will probably be very famous especially in the cold regions as they give out warm air serving the purpose of a room heater. The best part about these heat activated fans will be that you can carry them anywhere as they do not require any electricity source or batteries. Consumers can hugely benefit from these heat activated fans firstly because of its efficiency and secondly because it will also reduce the energy consumption of the house, thus reducing the overall electricity bill. This fan has a steel louvered body and has great looks that will surely leave you awestruck. Though these fans are a little highly priced but the incentives are surely lucrative enough to attract people’s attention.

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How it works: Heat activated fan


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