HoekHome gives furniture a sustainable makeover

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Putting together furniture has been rich sitcom fodder for years. People often associate this task with frustration, confusion and many lost hours. But thanks to modern furniture companies such as HoekHome, furniture assembly has changed. You can assemble HoekHome’s click-together furniture with no tools other than your hands. This sleek, stylish and modern furniture also incorporates sustainable practices for the eco-conscious consumer. Together, these features elevate HoekHome’s furniture game to a new level. It will take you longer to tell a joke than it will to put together HoekHome furniture. The click-together design means that you only need to use your hands to assemble each piece. Unclip the legs from the chassis, click it all into place, and then you’re done. Assembly may only take seconds. You won’t need a hammer, nails, screws or even that notorious furniture construction manual. You can also “unclick” HoekHome furniture to make it flat again. This process makes moving significantly easier, as the flat furniture proves easy to store and transport . While easy assembly, disassembly and storage make the brand stand out, these features only tell half of the HoekHome furniture story. HoekHome furniture is also sustainable. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic and FSC certified plywood , the furniture appeals to consumers who value eco-friendly design. These pieces epitomize responsible, environmentally-conscious design practices. You can decorate your entire house in sleek, sustainable HoekHome furniture. The product line includes side tables, desks, coffee tables and dining tables. Find your favorite pieces in multiple colors, from natural wood tones to bright, vibrant shades. As a new company, HoekHome is still gaining its footing. A Kickstarter campaign planned for October aims to help the company launch so it can create more products for consumers. If successful, this campaign could represent a major shift toward making the furniture industry friendlier to both consumers and the environment . + HoekHome Images via HoekHome

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HoekHome gives furniture a sustainable makeover


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