Henrik Fisker just unveiled the face of his Tesla-killer electric car

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Automotive designer Henrik Fisker just revealed the first head-on image of his upcoming long-range electric car . The new design is sleek and aerodynamic, with adaptive LED headlights and a combination radar and camera mounted in the center that will enable it to drive itself. Henrik Fisker’s new announcement follows last week’s reveal of a side view of the car , showcasing the vehicle’s distinctive butterfly doors. In an email to reporters, Fisker described the interior of the car as larger than its closest competitor, with a technology-focused user experience. The frame itself will be made of a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. Though the capability is not yet available, eventually the vehicle will be able to operate autonomously . Fisker has yet to reveal exactly which supplier will be developing the self-driving tech. Related: Fisker promises a 2017 comeback with a 400-mile range electric sports car The new car will hit the market in the latter half of 2017, produced by Fisker’s new company, Fisker Inc. The price will be comparable to a high-end Tesla Model S , but Fisker plans to follow up with a consumer-friendly electric car that’s more affordable than either the Chevy Bolt or the Tesla Model 3 . The upcoming car will serve as a “spiritual successor” to the discontinued Fisker Karma , which was plagued with battery issues and eventually caused Fisker Automotive to go bankrupt . Here’s hoping the revolutionary batteries hyped in the new model have all the bugs worked out before release. + Fisker Inc. Via Autoblog

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Henrik Fisker just unveiled the face of his Tesla-killer electric car


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