Handmade MPavilion will be the largest bamboo structure ever built in Australia

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The 282-square-meter MPavilion 2016 designs have a rustic charm owing to its use of plant and earth-based materials. The roof and awning will be made of karvi panels, created from a mix of cow dung and earth, and will be supported by a 2.4-meter-high colonnade of bamboo columns. White lime daub will be applied to waterproof the structure. A 12-meter-tall tazia, an ornamental tower used in Indian ceremonies, will complement the structure and can be seen through the oculus in the suspended ceiling. Related: Amada Levete’s MPavilion is an LED-lit forest canopy that sways in the breeze “I wanted to create a space that connects the entire culture of the land. The tower or ‘tazia’ is an imaginary building that reaches deep into the stars, so it is otherworldly, and through it you can see the stars, the sky, other dimensions,” said Jain. “I want the MPavilion to be the scaffolding that provides a creative space that suspends visitors between earth, ground and sky.” Arup engineers and India-based Kane Construction will help Studio Mumbai oversee engineering and construction. MPavilion will serve as a cultural hub for a series of free talks in the Queen Victoria Gardens from October through February, after which it will be moved to its permanent home within Melbourne’s CBD. The building will take approximately 8 weeks to complete. + Studio Mumbai Images via Studio Mumbai and Nicholas Watt

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Handmade MPavilion will be the largest bamboo structure ever built in Australia


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