Gorgeous tiny home thrives in the California sunshine

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Already well-known for its all-weather tiny home designs , Canadian studio Minimaliste is back with one breezy home for a client in California who dreamed of having a compact living space that is both comfy and mobile. The Noyer is a 331-square-foot tiny home on wheels that has a spectacular interior comprised of a living room, an office space, a kitchen, a bathroom with a composting toilet and a spacious sleeping loft. At just 331 square feet, the Noyer is a compact structure that is built on a wheeled trailer, enabling the tiny home to go mobile. Although it was specifically designed for a client in California, the Noyer, like all of Minimaliste’s designs, was built to perform just as well in warm climates as it does in colder regions . Related: The off-grid Eucalyptus tiny home radiates cool, Californian vibes The tiny house is clad in a gorgeous blend of charcoal-colored steel siding and cedar cladding . The shape of the Noyer is marked by its sloped roof, which was strategic in providing more room for the sleeping loft. Inside, bright white walls contrast nicely with the wooden ceiling and flooring. The entryway includes a small lounge area with an inbuilt bench facing the kitchen. A small table off to the side pulls double duty as either an office desk or a dining table . Like the rest of the home, this space has plenty of storage to keep it clutter-free. Home cooks will love the modern design of the kitchen, which has been painted black to stand out from the rest of the interior. The preparation area comes fully equipped with all of the amenities needed to whip up a tasty meal, including a full-sized refrigerator, a dishwasher, a stove top, plenty of counterspace and a dreamy farmhouse sink. Just past the kitchen, the main living area is elevated off the ground floor by a few steps. It is quite spacious for a tiny home and includes a small sofa centered around an entertainment shelf. A large, square window frames the views of wherever the Noyer is parked. On the other side of the home, there is a small bathroom with a stand-up shower, a composting toilet and a two-in-one, washer-dryer combo. Above this space, built-in stairs lead up to the sleeping loft, which is large enough to fit a queen-sized bed and a bedside table on each side. There is also a platform next to the loft area that enables the homeowners to change while standing in front of the wardrobe — a novelty in tiny home design. + Minimaliste Via Tiny House Talk Images via Minimaliste

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Gorgeous tiny home thrives in the California sunshine


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