Free off-grid shelter pops up for urban explorers in Bordeaux

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Exploring the fringes of France’s famed wine-growing region is now easier and better than ever. After a long day’s hike—and enjoyment of some Bordeaux wine and cheese—urban explorers can take refuge in Le Haut Perché, an elevated shelter designed by London-based Studio Weave . Crafted as part of the Refuges Périurbains project, this unique shelter is one of eleven free overnight shelters on the edge of the city that encourage the exploration of Bordeaux’s fringe sites. Refuges Périurbains founder Bruit du Frigo and Zebra 3 commissioned Studio Weave to develop the Le Haut Perché hiking shelter, which sits along a pedestrian route connected by a series of site-specific overnight shelters. “The fringes of Bordeaux remain relatively unknown,” Studio Weave wrote. “As is common to this periphery in most cities, these areas are often overlooked, experienced from afar by car rather than as destinations in their own right. Bridging city and wilderness, peripheral urban sites also offer their own magic and potential.” The Refuges Périurbains shelters encourage exploration by providing free accommodation that sleeps up to nine people. Studio Weave’s contribution to the project is an organic shelter in the peaceful heart of Le Parc des Jalles and surrounded by watermills Le Moulin du Moulina. Elevated next to one of Bordeaux’s main water sources, Le Haut Perché takes inspiration from traditional water towers with its material palette and form. The raised shelter is built of timber and weathering steel to blend into the rural landscape. Related: Tiny off-grid Le Tronc Creux shelters blend into Bordeaux’s forests like old tree trunks “The arching platform captures focused sounds and vistas of water and woodland,” said the studio. “Each opening is composed to frame a particular moment, some to be experienced lying down, others stood or sat-up.” The arched roof extends over the sides of the shelter for solar shading . The Le Haut Perché can be booked in advance on the Refuges Périurbains website . + Studio Weave Images by Bruit du frigo

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Free off-grid shelter pops up for urban explorers in Bordeaux


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