Flexible Garden Modules make it easy to build your own green wall

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Architects and twin sisters Luisa + Lilian Parrado are on a mission to make it easy to add a stylish splash of green to your walls. The designers created Garden Module, a customizable modular wall system with a minimalist appearance. Made of steel tubes strung together with polypropylene string, these simple and three-dimensional wall modules can support up to two potted plants at a time and can be expanded to create a sprawling wall of green. The Garden Module was recently recognized at the 2017 European Product Design Award , where it received bronze. The modules are built of either white or black carbon steel tubes that are easily assembled into triangle formations. Each module comes with two triangular concrete bases that fit inside the steel tube frame and are strong enough to support potted plants without the need of screws. Related: Flower Tower: 380 Potted Plants Line Parisian Apartment Facade “This project was born from the necessity of creating a green wall without the complexity of the traditional one,” write the designers. “From a single module you can create a three-dimensional panel with most varied combinations. Its irregular shape allows flexible compositions according to taste, purpose and destination: aligned, mixed, spread or contained.” + Luisa + Lilian Parrado Images by Bruna Hosti

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Flexible Garden Modules make it easy to build your own green wall


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