EvoWheel converts almost any bicycle into an electric bike in just 30 seconds

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Ready to give your old cruiser a swanky electric makeover? The innovative EvoWheel turns almost any old regular bike into a speedy e-bike in under 30 seconds. The brilliant design, which just launched a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo, is an app-controlled wheel that gives regular bikes a speed boost up to 20 mph. The EvoWheel design is incredibly user-friendly in terms of installation. With just a wrench, bicyclists just have to replace the bike’s regular front wheel with EvoWheel. Available in six different sizes (20, 24, 26, 27.5, 29 and 700C) the EvoWheel’s various models fit over 95% of all bikes. Related: Swap-in wheel converts any bike into an electric within 60 seconds The wheel weighs 16 pounds and comes with an application that lets you customize your riding style. There are various riding modes that can be used to optimize your workout or commute, or just to get a more enjoyable ride while cruising around the park. The wheel’s built-in algorithm takes into consideration rider’s weight, speed, and bike size to ensure the smoothest experience possible. The app also records riding habits and can make adjustments on the fly. For those that want to ride without looking at their phones , the setup comes with a bike-mountable display monitor that is Bluetooth compatible. The display shows riding speed, power output, battery level as well as total riding distance and time. + EvoWheel Indiegogo Images via EvoWheel

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EvoWheel converts almost any bicycle into an electric bike in just 30 seconds


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