Energy-neutral luxury houseboat floats in Haarlem waters

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Filled with light and stunning views, modern houseboats in the Netherlands are things of envy—especially this new gem by VanOmmeren-architects . The Amsterdam-based studio recently completed Houseboat Haarlem Shuffle, an energy-neutral floating villa powered by solar energy and two heat pumps. The gorgeous home balances the need for privacy with maximizing landscape views. Located in the Spaarne River, Houseboat Haarlem Shuffle is a spacious 210-square-meter build spread out across two floors. Timber cladding wraps around the home and is bordered by aluminum roof trim for a clean and minimalist appearance. Clerestory windows punctuate the street-facing facade while large, nearly full-height windows in the southwest open the home up to an abundance of natural light and views. Inside on the first floor, a spacious open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen soak up the sun and views, and also step out to a sheltered outdoor terrace with room for seating and a grill. The first floor also houses the master ensuite, storage, and office. A light material palette and whitewashed walls reinforce the interior’s bright and airy appearance. Related: Incredible net-zero floating home cleans the water around it A stairway leads down to a second floor below where two guest bedrooms and bathrooms are located in addition to a large music room, storage, laundry room, and mechanical room. “The design plays with the perception of the dynamics around the Spaarne, the relationship with Haarlem and the bright open living spaces,” wrote the architects about the energy-neutral design. “The ark gets its expression by a strong orthogonal composition of open and closed facade elements. The large vide near the southwest windows opens up the floor for light to reach the lower music and sleeping spaces.” + VanOmmeren-architects Via ArchDaily Images via VanOmmeren-architects , by Eva Janssens

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Energy-neutral luxury houseboat floats in Haarlem waters


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