Eco-hotel cabins float on a lake in the south of France

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Paris-based Atelier Lavit recently won our hearts with their stunning treehouse guestroom , but the forest retreat isn’t the only dreamy hotel they’ve created. The architecture firm is also behind Cabanes des Grands Cepages , an eco-hotel comprising ten timber suites—some of which are built to float on water. Set in the south of France in an idyllic fishing reserve near Avignon, these ten units on the shore of a la Lionne lake embrace elegance through simplicity with minimal embellishments and carefully placed reveals that provide privacy and views. Commissioned by Cabanes Nature et Spa, the Cabanes des Grands Cepages eco-hotel offers unique retreats with some hidden on land behind reeds while others are more visibly placed on the water. The cabins are carefully oriented to preserve guest privacy. Timber cladding—particularly the vertical timber slatted screens that are a nod to the lake reeds—visually unites the various dwellings. Related: This gorgeous modern treehouse hides a surprising interior “The 10 suites evoke primitive buildings on the shore of the lake; floating on the water like rafts or on pilots like palafittes,” wrote the architects. “The architectural work perfectly matches with the lacustrine tubes from which it resumes and rationalizes the elegant vertical thrust.” The project was mostly prefabricated offsite and then reassembled on site over the course of three months to minimize landscape impact. + Atelier Lavit Images via Atelier Lavit , © Francis Pelletier

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Eco-hotel cabins float on a lake in the south of France


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