Dreamy holiday home by the lake makes the most of a small footprint

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Commissioned by a family of five who sought a simple country getaway from Bratislava , the holiday home is sited on an island in the Danube River overlooking beautiful lakeside views. With only 65 square meters to work with, the architects organized the home around a large open-plan central living room and exposes a tall vaulted ceiling to create a sense of spaciousness. Natural light pours into the building through large glazed folding doors that open up to the adjacent lake and extend the footprint of the home to the outdoors. Whereas the building facade is mostly painted white, the timber-lined interior features a playful and eye-catching pop of color in the wall and shelving partition painted vibrant green. The partition opposite the green-painted wall is made from masonry blocks that absorb thermal energy from the fireplace and gradually release the heat over time. Both partition walls hide the sleeping areas and bathrooms, which include a master bedroom on one end and two sets of bunk beds on the other. Loft space beneath the rafters on both ends of the home can be used to accommodate extra guests or as play area for children. Related: JRKVC’s IST House Uses Traditional Slovakian Building Techniques to Reduce its Footprint “Outside the cabin is almost monochrome, just natural wood and white painted cladding,” says architect Peter Jurkovi?. “No details. All attention is paid to the essential part of the house, which is inside. There we find the beauty, colors and textures.” + JRKVC Via Dezeen Images via Peter Jurkovi?

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Dreamy holiday home by the lake makes the most of a small footprint


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