Doug Aitken’s mirrored underwater pavilions call attention to our deteriorating oceans

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American artist Doug Aitken sank three mirrored domes into the seabed near California’s Catalina Island. Why, you ask? The artist wants swimmers to dive into the waters to get a closer look at the three reflective pavilions in order to bring attention to the deteriorating conditions of the world’s oceans. After the mirrored pavilions were constructed off-site, Aitken moored them into the seabed at differing depths to create an interactive art installation. The reflective cladding reflects and refracts the light in the water, giving off an ethereal underwater light show. Wide openings in the domes let divers and marine life swim through effortlessly. Related: Mirror-covered ‘Mirage’ house disappears into the California desert According to the artist, “Part of each structure is mirrored to reflect the underwater seascape and create a kaleidoscopic observatory for the viewer, while other surfaces are rough and rock-like. The environments created by the sculptures will constantly change with the currents and the time of day, focusing the attention of the viewer on the rhythm of the ocean and its life cycles.” The underwater art installation is a collaboration between Aitken and Parley for the Oceans , an ocean activist group that seeks to spread awareness about the dire state of our maritime environment. Aitken’s process creating and sinking the domes is a call to action for the world to wake up and see that the future of our waters is fairly bleak. + Doug Aitken Via Dezeen Images via Doug Aitken

Doug Aitken’s mirrored underwater pavilions call attention to our deteriorating oceans


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