Cute zen tiny house is a steal at $49K

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The prolific tiny house designers at Escape Traveler are well-known for their impressively compact homes, but their latest model, simply called, One , stands out for its elegant Japanese-inspired design. The charred exterior was created using the ancient Shou-Sugi-Ban technique, which imbues the wood with an attractive patina and long-lasting durability. The interior draws upon Japanese design principles with simple materials and an open floor plan that give the home a quiet Zen-like feel. To top it all off, the beautifully finished 276 sq ft home is available for just $49,800. Drawing upon the Japanese term “ma,” which roughly translates to “gap,” the interior space was built out with flexibility in mind. Light wooden walls and a high ceiling give the 276-square-foot home a serene quality. The 11-foot-tall ceiling also creates enough room for a spacious sleeping loft on the second floor. LED lighting is installed throughout the home, but for the most part the interior is naturally illuminated by large windows and a glass door. Energy loss is reduced thanks to foam insulation made from recycled materials . Related: Amplified tiny house lets musician homeowner rock out in the great outdoors The interior layout is designed to be simple, with multiple space-saving features hidden throughout, providing utmost versatility for future homeowners. A walk-in closet and storage space is hidden under steps that lead to the second floor, and custom-made drawers were installed below the stairwell. The compact kitchen is another marvel in efficient use of space. The sink is hidden right under the stovetop, and hidden drawers blend into the interior when not in use. + Escape Traveler Via New Atlas Photos via Escape

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Cute zen tiny house is a steal at $49K


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