Crushed Cockroach Medicinal Craze Sweeps Across China

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Entrepreneurs are exploiting a medicinal craze that has swept across China – and it hinges upon the belief that eating cockroaches can remedy blood clots, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, heart disease and other health conditions. A booming new industry for farming millions of the creepy crawlies has emerged. Once they reach a certain level of maturity, the cockroaches are crushed into pills that believers consume like a daily vitamin. Native Chinese people, particularly in the country’s northern regions, have eaten cockroaches for centuries, so there is virtually no social stigma associated with popping roach pills – and the business of raising them comes with a substantial payback. Read the rest of Crushed Cockroach Medicinal Craze Sweeps Across China Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: American Cockroach , cockroach farming in China , cockroach pills , crush cockroach medicine , latest medicinal craze , native chinese people who eat cockroaches , Periplaneta americana , powdered cockroach medicine , Wang Fuming        

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Crushed Cockroach Medicinal Craze Sweeps Across China


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