Construction resumes on the tallest tower in the world

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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture ‘s Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is designed to be the world’s tallest building – however construction has been stalled at the 63rd floor. Now, according to local news, construction has resumed. Once the project is completed, which is slated to happen in 2020, the building will rise 3,281 feet (1,000 meters) into the sky. According to the Times of Oman , the $1.5 billion tower, also known as the Kingdom Tower , was experiencing challenges in construction. “We have faced delays. In projects of this magnitude you always have delays – I hope we’ll recover the delays we’ve had. We will be open for business by 2020, hopefully,” Mounib Hammoud, CEO of Jeddah Economic Co , said in an interview with the Times of Oman . Related: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Will Design Tallest Building in the World, Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia Building a tower this size is going to have challenges, so a delay isn’t entirely unexpected. Nothing this height has ever been built before, and it requires a lot of extra work, including experts who check the tower every week to make sure it is completely vertical. You can imagine what a disaster even a small percentage of lean would be. Even with the delays, the tower should have a concrete shell and cladding by next year and it’s scheduled to open to the public the following year. Right now, the world’s tallest building is the 2,716 foot-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai. + JEC + Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Via Times of Oman and Dezeen

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Construction resumes on the tallest tower in the world


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