Coca-Cola, Nestle seek to privatize world’s second largest aquifer

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Coca-Cola and Nestle are pushing to take ownership of the Guarani Aquifer in Brazil. Named for the indigenous Guarani people, the world’s second largest aquifer beneath parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina may soon fall under private corporate control. According to  Correio do Brasil , private meetings between the multinational corporations and representatives of Brazil’s government have occurred to start the formal process of privatization, which could guarantee their control of the aquifer for over 100 years. Activists and community groups are concerned that privatization could result in lack of accountability and profit-driven decision-making that could jeopardize the long-term health of the aquifer and those who depend on it. Corporate lobbyists for Coca-Cola and Nestle have been hard at work in Brazil since at least 2016. These companies, along with AB Inbev, Dow, and PepsiCo, belong to the  2030 Water Resources Group  (2030WRG), an organization that describes itself as “a unique public-private-civil society collaboration.” However, water rights groups have identified the group as acting to insert corporate control into what has historically been a public service across the globe. Related: 73 million trees to be planted in largest reforestation project ever The corporate drive for private water rights comes as the nation endures political tension. The early talks regarding privatization of the Guarani Aquifer began prior to the impeachment of elected left-wing President Dilma Rousoff, who was removed from office in 2016. Since Michael Temer assumed power, his administration has rolled back many of the progressive policies put in place by Rousoff’s Workers Party. “The new Brazil that is back in business…is a more prosperous, a more open country,” said Temer at Davos, “a country with more opportunities for investment, more opportunities for trade and business .” Via Correio do Brasil, Franklin Frederick/Brasil de Fato and  Mint Press News Images via Romerito Pontes/Flickr and  manufaturadeideias/Flickr

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Coca-Cola, Nestle seek to privatize world’s second largest aquifer


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