Citroen’s Tubik uses latest technologies in green transportation

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Shallu Sharma: Citroen Tubik concept Citroen Tubik Concept is the automotive space shuttle of tomorrow Citroen, the biggest French automobile manufacturer, is ready to reveal its new MPV, the Tubik, at this month’s Frankfurt motor show. Citroen is well known for its TUB and Type H light vans commercial production since decades and this new car Tubik is based on the same concept. Special emphasis has been laid down on its passenger carrying capacity without compromising with comfort and pleasure. It has got adjustable seating arrangement system that can accommodate as many as three rows. Its 4800mm length, 2080mm width and 2050mm height have comfortable room for at least nine passengers. Picture Gallery Citroen Tubik Concept Citroen Tubik Concept is the Automotive Space Shuttle of Tomorrow Its interior is styled with very relaxing cushioned seats, ample lighting, and a leather base. A huge semi-circular TV screen and high-quality sound system, add to the ambience of interior. It has sideways sliding door on both the sides which is the basic concept of TUB commercial vehicles. Its cockpit is designed in a very exclusive and fashionable manner, with the driving seat, steering, pedals and head display all arranged in a circular arrangement. Citroen has named this circular arrangement system as ‘cyclotron’. They have equipped this car with finger print recognition system for driver. This car is commanded by PSA Hybrid4 technology that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and controls fuel usage. It has an outspoken diesel engine and its rear wheels are powered by an electric motor. Hydro-pneumatic technology is being used in suspension system to enhance its quality. It comes with 22-inch wheels with low resistance inbuilt tires. Automatic setting arrangement is there that lowers the car to improve the speed and aerodynamics. The most important feature of this car is its eco friendly nature. Its negligible CO2 emission, powerful engine and comfortable design have made this car one of the most famous cars of the world. Via: Autocar

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Citroen’s Tubik uses latest technologies in green transportation


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