Can Technology Save the World?

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Can technology save the world? In short: No, not by itself. A sweeping set of changes in the way we interact with the planet is needed to stabilize our rapidly deteriorating biosphere and avert a bleak future. Technology is simply a tool to help us achieve these changes. A dangerous argument, however, is when decision-makers and influencers say our impact on the planet is not a concern, and changes in our behavior are not needed in the near future, or ever, because technology will save us. Sounds ridiculous, but various forms of this argument are commonly invoked in government and international forums, particularly when profits and votes come into play. Read the rest of Can Technology Save the World? Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: can tech save the world , drones , eco-innovations , environmental damage , genetic engineering , global issues , life saving inventions , recycling , tech solutions for a changing world , technology and climate change , technology and global warming , water issues        

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Can Technology Save the World?


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