Breath-taking courtyard hidden inside recently renovated colonial home in Merida

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Secluded behind a quiet turquoise wall in the historic center of Merida is the recently renovated Casa Remate. Local design firm AS Arquitectura began work on the home years ago, slowly transforming the once-decaying building into a sophisticated minimalist design centered around a breath-taking courtyard. Considering that the building is located in a historic part of Merida, the architects had to work with the existing structure. Working within those building restrictions , the design called for focusing on creating a soothing interior space that leads to the heart of the home: the central courtyard. Related: Subtle hacienda renovation in Mexico marries contemporary and vernacular design Like many traditional colonial constructions in Mexico, the living quarters revolve around a central patio, which, in return, brings in optimal natural light and ventilation to the home. Taking into account the historic character of the project, the design team chose to convert this central space into a welcoming, open-air living area, respectfully reconfigured to “maintain the sense of serenity, silence, intimacy and surprise that has characterized the colonial homes of our city.” The renovation process also called for adding a new wing to the design, which now houses the kitchen, bathroom and extra bedroom. The master bedroom and a studio are on the top floor, reached by the large exterior staircase. On the very top of the building is also a large rooftop terrace , which serves as a private refuge with incredible views of the historic center. For building materials , the architects once again went with tradition, choosing a polished white cement for the exterior stairs and terraces, which contrasts nicely with the textured exterior walls. This polished cement was also used in the kitchen, bathroom and even some furniture to bring a cohesive feel to interior and exterior space. + AS Arquitectura Via Platforma Arquitectura Photographs by Rolando Córdoba

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Breath-taking courtyard hidden inside recently renovated colonial home in Merida


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