BREAKING: Tesla unveils powerful new 100kWH battery for Model S and Model X

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In a surprise announcement this afternoon, Tesla  revealed a powerful new battery option for its Model X and Model S that pushes the cars into new territory. The upgrade would extend the range of the Model S to 315 miles per charge – the first time any electric vehicle on the market has surpassed 300 miles of range. The Model X will receive a more modest upgrade, extending its range to 289 miles on a single charge. The upgrade will also allow the Model S P100D Ludicrous to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds flat, making it the third fastest production car in the world. CEO Elon Musk said during a press briefing that the battery would be available for any cars with a “ Ludicrous Mode ” option included. Current owners will, however, be able to upgrade to the new battery pack for $20,000. Those who have ordered a Tesla but haven’t yet received their car can upgrade at a discounted price of $10,000. (The price difference is due to the cost of recycling the existing battery.) Related: Tesla announces plan for world domination: includes trucks, buses and solar power New cars with the upgraded battery option will start at $134,500 and will be produced at a lower volume than the manufacturer’s other vehicles, due to the complexity of the battery pack. It will be available for order immediately, and customers will be able to receive their vehicles starting in September. The initial production run will be limited to about 200 packs per week, so if you’re interested in supercharging your vehicle, you should act fast or expect a bit of a wait. Via CNBC images via Tesla and Maurizio Pesce

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BREAKING: Tesla unveils powerful new 100kWH battery for Model S and Model X


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