Best luxury bikes for fashionable individuals

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Prashanth Sagar: Black Trail Luxury Bike We all believe that luxury and sustainability don’t often go hand in hand. However, some designers do try to bring the sense of eco friendliness in luxury by incorporating next-gen green technologies in systems which are beyond the reach of the common masses. To prove our saying, check out a few luxurious bikes that have been designed for green individuals with deep pockets. One word that comes to mind when you check them out is ‘Impression’. Let’s see how they conquer your sense organs folks. Their excellent designs captivate your eyes. There’s no fuel smell and your nose is happy. No loud jarring sounds and your ears rejoice. By impressing the Eco system you are bound to ‘taste’ success. 1. Black Trail This ultra light e-bike is engineered by UBC and the luxurious design is by PG Bikes. Made using titanium, magnesium, high-alloyed aluminum and carbon fiber, this bike weighs a paltry 44 pounds. The bike has a top speed of 62mph while the cruising speed is 31mph. Now coming to the looks, this is a very handsome devil. Pick one but make sure you are amongst the first 667 since this is a limited production piece. 2. M55’s EVO-001 Termed as the Ferrari of the electric bikes, the EVO-001 is undoubtedly luxurious. The highlights of this bike are the one piece molded aluminum frame, the integrated battery pack and the strategical positioning of the motor for increased stability. With a cruising speed of 43mph, the bike is equipped with Brembo disk brakes. Only 250 units of these EVO-001 are being planned for the release. 3. Yike Bike Meet the 21st Century’s mini penny-farthing, the YikeBike. Priced at $3,600 this carbon fiber folding electric bike weighs a meager 22 pounds. The cruising speed is 23mph while the range is 10.2 kilometers. This bike can be folded in under 20 seconds. It takes 40 minutes for a full charge. A charger, a charger cord, a carrying strap, a tool kit with tire inflation adapter and Allen keys are the goodies that come with the YikeBike. 4. Grace Electric bike I have never seen anything as graceful as the Grace e-bike. This handmade aluminum e-bike consists of Euro fighter and Formula one parts that power its 1300-watt motor with lithium-ion batteries. With a top speed of 40mph this bike can be fully charged in just one hour. This unique and stylish bike is gonna take away $8742 from you since that’s what it is priced at. Grace yourself then! 5. PiCycle It’s design reminds me of the famous ‘VW Beetle’. Bright and colorful just like the Beetle, the PiCycle comes with a cutting edge stealth proof mechanism. Equipped with PiMobility, a custom software, this e-bike is connected to your smart phone. This software monitors the battery health, the battery life cycle, the charging frequency, motor and controller experience to name a few.This 750-watt, 36 volts DC motor with 7-speed levels is priced at a cool $2,495.

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Best luxury bikes for fashionable individuals


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