Best concept cellphones that get powered by solar energy

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Payal Chatterjee: LG 3D mobile 3D solar powered concept cell phone An electrical device which directly converts the light energy into electricity through the photovoltaic effect is known as a solar cell or photovoltaic cell. Assemblies of cells known as solar panels are used for making solar modules which capture the solar energy from the sunlight and then generate the solar power. This is an example of solar energy. Aeolus phone concept recharges with solar energy Aeolus solar powered concept phone Cyrene Quiamco has created the Aeolus Phone which can be charged at any place and time. An inbuilt power generating fan captures even the slightest of breeze and produces energy and when there is lack of wind, the on board solar panels helps to recharge. The phone comes in one simple color with a LCD screen, which is energy efficient and can be built from renewable materials. It is accompanied by a special tripod with which it can be attached to a cycle or on a car’s window in order to enable the fan to generate more energy. 2. Nokia E10, a foldable phone with MeeGo and solar batteries Nokia E10 solar powered foldable concept cellphone Chris Wang has designed this folding Nokia E10. Unlike other solar powered phones, Nokia E10 is supported by 3 solar powered batteries along with a Lithium battery, for stronger and steady power supply. 3. Solar powered cell phone concept with a transparent OLED display concept solar phone solar powered OLED concept cellphone This is a recent development in the field of concept phones: a combination of the transparent OLED and solar technology. The phone has a futuristic design with a concealed keyboard and screen, running on 80 percent solar energy. This sleek phone has a solar panel attached at its back which makes it both fashionable and ecofriendly at the same time. 4. LG 3D mobile phone with photovoltaic cells and expandable touch display LG 3D mobile 3D solar powered concept cell phone Petr Kubik designed this futuristic 3D mobile phone for LG. The phone has solar cells at the back of each slide panel and with the help of the 3D glasses and an interactive stylus, the user can enjoy the total 3D experience anywhere and at any time. 5. Concept solar powered cellphone Solar powered concept solar powered cellphone Yana Moskalenko has designed this concept solar powered cellphone. It runs on solar solar energy with the help of the sun battery attached to its back and also gives a detailed description on the kind of specs to be found inside. 6. Siemens Gigaset Eco Visions concept designs, as environmentally friendly as it gets Siemens Gigaset Ecovisions concept cell phone The Siemens Gigaset Eco Visions series have been developed by the Formwelt design studio and it claims to be the greenest phone ever. The solar energy is supplied by the solar cells placed all over the phone. The Gigaset Solar phone is made of ecofriendly materials that are separable and features the OLED technology with a transparent display. 7. Eclipse intuit cell phone concept with solar panel Eclipse Intuit Solar powered concept cell phone The Eclipse Intuit concept phone is a futuristic sliding phone, not only sleek and stylish, but also energy efficient at the same time. The chemical based solar panels placed on the front and rear of the phone, automatically charges the phone when exposed to sunlight. 8. Eclipse phone concept Eclipse Cellphone concept This is a solar powered concept phone and thus the name Eclipse. It is a sleek and the best looking basic phone in the market. 9. LG Eco Solar Power cellphone uses a photovoltaic cell, ecofriendly technologies LG Eco solar powered concept cellphone This LG concept phone has been designed by Aaron Martinez. It is a solar powered cell phone that gets charged with the help of the fluorescent incandescent lights and the solar cell, when exposed to direct or indirect sunlight.

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Best concept cellphones that get powered by solar energy


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