Beijing’s futuristic new subway stations are straight out of Blade Runner

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Beijing-based Qing-X Architectural Studio has completed construction on a series of futuristic subway stations that look like they came straight out of a science fiction movie. Spiraling metal metal tunnels wrap the elevated platforms while providing plenty of daylight and natural ventilation. Architect Qi Ji Jun was inspired by the simple, yet functional form of a traditional scroll form: “The curved paper jerked at the two ends, seemed to be towed by the pen.” This concept is reflected in the tubular rail cladding of the platforms, which creates a sense of unity and movement throughout the multiple subway stations . The streamlined design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional; the two triangular corners that spiral out of the tunnel help augment the drivers’ field of vision. Related: China unveils train that travels on ‘virtual tracks’ Currently, the Fangshan line has 11 stations, with 9 aboveground tracks and 2 underground tracks. The stations consist of three stories, with the metal and glass-clad platforms located on the top open-air level. The overlapped roofs over the platforms contain a rain-screen ventilation gap, which pushes hot air up and outwards during the hot summer months. The area around the stations is surrounded by a verdant green belt with plenty of green space.

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Beijing’s futuristic new subway stations are straight out of Blade Runner


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