Are the New LEGO Friends for Girls Sexist?

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LEGO rang in 2012 by launching a new line of toys , LEGO Friends, which are aimed at girls 5 and up. No big deal, right? Actually, to some it is a big deal. A petition was launched at is demanding that LEGO to stop selling out girls with the new collection, arguing that the new line of toys feeds young girls a narrow set of stereotypes. So far, some 30,000+ people have signed the petition already. Will you join them? Head over to our sister site Inhabitots to read our analysis of the issue and vote in our survey. MORE > Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: , Inhabitots , lego , lego friends , marketing , minifigs , parenting , parents , petition , sexism , toys

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Are the New LEGO Friends for Girls Sexist?


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