Architects Envision Green Transportation Solutions for Los Angeles

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The passing of Measure R at the end of 2008 provided Los Angeles County with funds for up to $40 billion in transit-related projects over the next 30 years. The measure also inspired a competition to design new transport solutions, and Paris-based Odile Decq and Bonit Conrnette Architects have proposed an extensive plan to make the ‘freeway city’ a little greener. The project proposes large stretches of green space, a system of small vehicles with designated transportation lanes and parking stations, and a complete overhaul of the city’s streets, overpasses, culverts, right of ways, power lines, and underutilized rail lines

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Architects Envision Green Transportation Solutions for Los Angeles


One Comment on "Architects Envision Green Transportation Solutions for Los Angeles"

  1. Earthship Biotecture on Mon, 15th Mar 2010 7:18 pm 

    interesting… we need to fund the retrofit of all building as well…

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