All-black solar panel from California achieves groundbreaking 19.4% efficiency

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California -based Solaria has designed a sleek, all-black solar panel with more than just a pretty face. The company manufactures products with less space between the monocrystalline silicon solar cells for better efficiency than conventional solar panels, which tend to hit 15 to 17 percent, according to the company. In contrast, their black PowerXT solar panel boasts an efficiency of up to 19.4 percent. How is Solaria able to achieve better efficiency? Per a datasheet , they run a patented cell cutting and module assembly process and eliminate busbars and ribbon interconnections. On their website the company claims cells “are cut and overlaid without soldering which creates a highly reliable power unit assembly. The PowerXT module is electrically designed to reduce the power losses due to shadowing across the module by utilizing parallel connections between sets of sub-strings within each quadrant of the module.” Black backsheet and frames complete the look of the all-black panel Solaria describes as “one of the highest power modules in the residential solar market.” Related: Black butterfly wings provide inspiration for superior solar cells The Solaria PowerXT: Residential series panels offer a maximum power of 320 to 350 watt peak capacity. The company said the system would cost less because more efficient panels generate more energy per square meter, lowering installation costs and number of panels installed. Solaria’s datasheet didn’t offer a price for the module. But in a December press release on the PowerXT 350Wp, Auburn Solar owner Peggy Matson offered a hint, saying, “Solaria is great looking, highly efficient, and priced right so we can offer very competitive deals to our customers – often beating our competitors by thousands of dollars.” Solaria’s solar panels come with a 25-year warranty. This week, the company announced they’ve raised $23 million in funding to expand production. They also offer building integrated photovoltaics PowerView products – architectural glass that generates clean power on windows, facades, skylights, or other structures. + Solaria Via Electrek and Solaria ( 1 , 2 ) Images via Solaria

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All-black solar panel from California achieves groundbreaking 19.4% efficiency


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