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The first time you consider having a ‘green’ kitchen for your home, what strikes your mind? Generally, the first thing you would think about is kitchen appliances that can possibly make your kitchen green. Almost everyday we have new appliances being introduced into the market that consume less energy, less water and also emit less or no noise, as compared to the older ones. If these appliances produce lesser amount of wastage of natural resources, they would be considered ‘green’.

Many people today mull over the idea of making their surroundings green, particularly the kitchen. Using green and eco-friendly appliances in the kitchen can also save on the utility bills in the later period. Though the purchase or installation of such appliances may cost you a little high initially, the ultimate savings you reap would be much higher in the long run and you can easily make up for your expenditure in your first year of your savings.

So if you are planning to make a few changes to your kitchen with energy efficient and eco-friendly appliances, you are absolutely on the right track. To support it further, even major appliance manufacturers have been constantly innovating and designing new methods to introduce kitchen appliances appealing to green-conscious consumers.

Most of the large appliances in your home are in the kitchen, and hence, to make these low energy-consuming changes, starting off with the kitchen first would be a wise idea. This will not only fetch you an eco-friendly environment at your home, but also, a better operating remodelled kitchen to beautify your home. Besides, you will also feel good to be contributing towards the energy conservation and environment protection while you cut on energy costs for yourself.

Some of the major kitchen appliances that can be substituted for energy-efficient and eco-friendly ones should include the refrigerator, the Microwave and the dishwasher. An eco-friendly refrigerator can help you save about 40% energy than before. Microwaves, as they are not environment-friendly, should be replaced for energy-efficient models so that it can help in energy saving. Buying a new eco-friendly dishwasher will not only lead to more energy savings, but also lesser water consumption.


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