8 Drought-busting ideas for your home

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The drought in California is breaking records , and recent data suggests that the state may have just one year of water left . Local agencies have taken on a number of large-scale projects to ensure that the water keeps on flowing through farms and households, using everything from desalination plants to make seawater drinkable to massive water reuse and reclamation endeavors. But there’s plenty that the average person can do at home—from harvesting rainwater to retrofitting bathrooms—that can help to conserve water and make it through drier years to come. Read on for our top 8 water-saving ideas, whether you’re in the heart of the drought or beyond. Read the rest of 8 Drought-busting ideas for your home Permalink | Add to del.icio.us | digg Post tags: bath , bathroom hack , Bottled Water , California , Certification , desalination , dropcountr , Drought , Dual Flush Toilet , environmental protection agency , epa , faucet , graywater , groundwater , hot water , native plants , Nestlé , plumbing , rain barrel , rain garden , raingarden , rainwater collection , recirculation pump , retrofit , reuse , runoff , showers , smart phone app , stormwater , tankless hot water heater , toilet , turn off taps , Waste , water efficiency , water hero , water recycling , water relaimation , water saving , water sense , watersense

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8 Drought-busting ideas for your home


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