7 Projects that aim to harness clean energy on a grand scale

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Ankit Dahiya: Desertec One of the projects in North Africa that aim to harness clean energy on a grand scale. With the increase in global warming levels and also in the increase in the levels of pollution, the scientists have started going for renewable sources of energy or you can call it clean source of energy. These clean sources of energy do not pollute the environment and are quite cheap when compared to other conventional sources of producing energy. Thus they are so popular and everybody out there wants to try their hands on it. This clean source of energy has resulted in generation of large amount of energy to meet the growing needs of the population. There are various projects being undertaken to harness the renewable sources of energy on large scale. Here is a list of seven such projects that aim to harness clean energy on a grand scale. 1. Desertec The basic concept behind this grand scale project is that the desert area on Earth is large which is not being utilized properly. The desert areas are hot and are more concentrated with solar energy and thus can become a major source for producing solar energy. It is estimated that this Desertec project will produce the energy from the deserts of North Africa which will be quite enough to power all the Europe. This project is being developed on a large scale to utilize the most out of solar energy. More than twelve European companies have already invested in this plan and it will be decided by the end of year 2013. 2. Desertec Australia The Desertec Australia project is quite similar to the North Africa’s. This project will start in Australia which is believed to become the power house of Asia soon. Australia really has a strong solar potential and its climate is quite suitable for this project. This project would cost around $2.5tn and $5tn. The power generated can be transported through the direct current cables to the most parts of Asia. 3. The UK’s round three offshore wind farms The UK has come up with this huge power plant project which is expected to light up entire UK. This is actually a Wind farm which is to be constructed on the off shores of UK to utilize the most out of wind energy. This plant will have a capacity of 40GW overall and out of which 25GW is estimated to be completed by 2020. This project is highly appreciated as it is making the grand scale use of wind energy without creating any disturbance in environment. 4. China’s Jiuquan onshore wind farm China has always tried to make its economy the best one by going for various energy plans. This time they have come up with this grand scale wind energy farm which they are planning to setup by 2020. This project will produce an estimated energy of 20,000MW and the cost incurred for the project will be around Â¥120bn (£10.7bn). The construction of the project has already started and its being constructed rapidly to meet the needs of the growing population. 5. The severn tidal barrage UK has come up with various power plant projects and one of them is the tidal power plant. Since the UK is at the center of the ocean it has the advantage of all the forms of energy and they actually are making use of all these forms quite effectively. This power plant will overall produce an energy of 8.6 GW which will be the highest energy produced by any tidal power plant. This project would cost around £30bn and is estimated to start soon. 6 The Wando Hoenggan project The Ireland plant of tidal power is the largest power plant in the world till date but this will be outstripped by the grand scale power plant project which is being developed by South Korea. The South Korea has come up with a grand scale tidal power plant which will be producing 10GW of energy and the cost incurred for the project is estimated to be around $820m. This project will be built by the top UK firm named Lunar Energy and Korean Midland Power Company. 7. The Tsangpo-Brahmaputra hydroelectric dam China is currently leading the production of hydroelectric energy but will soon be surpassed by the latest project which is being estimated to produce double the energy produced out of all the dams in China. This large scale power plant will be developed on the river Brahmaputra and is named as Tsangpo-Brahmaputra hydroelectric dam. It will have a total capacity of producing 38GW of energy which is equivalent to half as large of the UK’s entire grid.

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7 Projects that aim to harness clean energy on a grand scale


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