5 Ingenious DIY greenhouse designs

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A Dutta: Greenhouse DIY Greenhouse Constructing a traditional greenhouse and maintaining one is definitely not a past time. The cost and energy needed to set it up often comes in the way of people who are kicked about it and might even have enough know how and interest to make one, but lack the resources to build one. Well, DIY is here, and as always with some mind-bending and affordable concepts which you can implement yourself for your own little ‘green’ greenhouse. 1. DIY portable automated greenhouse Brian Merritt offers this completely portable greenhouse with a seed starter, which includes some high-tech wizardry. Normal greenhouse risk becoming too hot if kept closed and too cold if open, but Meritt has come up with a plan to regulate the interior temperature of the greenhouse with built-in sensors. Selecting a temperature between 60 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, by 5 degree increments, automatically helps the microcontroller adjust the vent opening to help maintain that temperature. Just four AA batteries are all you need to run these sensors and microcontroller all day for a month. The gadgets also come with a daylight sensor, high-intensity LEDs which help in night inspections and a low-battery warning indicator. 2. Homemade Greenhouse Built with a frame of pressure treated 4 x 4s, this movable greenhouse has a 12/12 roof for the snow to easily slide off and the walls are about five foot to make enough headroom in the center. Thirty six plywood gussets, studs and rafters, were nailed together and then wrapped over with 6 mil of greenhouse film. Then the house was sealed with pieces of foam. 3. Hoop house greenhouse The main structure of this hoop greenhouse is made of 20 ft pvc pipes. With a width of 11 feet and 15 feet long and around seven and a half feet tall in the center, this ambitious hoop house started off with a budget of $50. You could make one of these as long or as short as you want, but using this design the width needs to be around 12 feet. This seems perfect for a backyard garden space. This greenhouse built with a budget of $50 was built by starting with the end walls first. Instead of getting greedy and making it wider to be more amenable in snowfall or rain, the house wasn’t built completely flat. The wood was recycled from concrete lumber and the plastic roof (non-UV 6 mil clear plastic, which saves money) and sides were folded over the ends and stapled to the wooden parts. However, the greenhouse eventually took around $140 to set up. 4. Plastic bottle greenhouse Built by a sustainable development charity named REAP, this greenhouse was built using 1,500 discarded plastic bottles and other scrap. This greenhouse is well equipped for organic farming. The frame uses four vertical posts on which the bottles are stacked up with garden cane as frame. 5. DIY haunted greenhouse Built with the background of various legends regarding greenhouse, using unwanted glass plate negatives, which gave the interior filled with plants an abundant array of haunting shadows, this is as much an exercise in art as it is a utility. Michael Oatman, a collage artist with a class of architecture students at Rensselaer Polytechnic, was inspired enough with these stories to go ahead and build something similar. The 2,500 glass negatives are mug shots of over 15,000 criminals from the 20th century. While the work has been titled conservatory, it’s still not sure whether it’ll be ready yet for public viewing.

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5 Ingenious DIY greenhouse designs


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