3D-printed Playmobil hair helmet makes bike safety more fun for kids

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Someone has come up with a brilliant idea to turn a Playmobil hairpiece into a helmet so kids will start wearing them. A duo of Swedish and Danish designers created a compelling prototype through 3D printing and color-matching the hair. With the right amount of consumer demand, you could find one in stores soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=91&v=QapmUU2d44U An estimated 75 percent of bicycle-related fatalities in child populations can be avoided with the use of a helmet , but statistics won’t get kids to wear them. Enter Simon Higby and Clara Prior from the Stockholm and Copenhagen offices of DDB , respectively. To increase the odds of children protecting their noggins while riding bikes , they figured the helmets would have be more attractive to them. Cue the Playmobil hair replica designed to help keep kids safe. Related: Lumos helmet keeps bikers safe with turn signals and brake lights With the help of Danish design company MOEF , the team created the helmet by 3D scanning the tiny plastic piece and 3D printing a sturdy helmet. The final product looks just like the Playmobil piece, perfectly fitted for a tiny human’s head. Sadly, only the prototype exists, but the team told Metro.co.uk they “would love to” produce them for the masses with the right know-how. +MOEF , Simon Higby Via  Metro.co.uk Images via YouTube (screenshot)

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3D-printed Playmobil hair helmet makes bike safety more fun for kids


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