3 simple life hacks to keep cool and save energy this summer

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The weather for summer 2016 is forecast to be 3 percent higher than the last decade’s average. As temperatures start to soar, so do energy bills. Cranking up the air conditioner or blasting fans all hours of the day may help cool things down, but it isn’t very good for the environment, or your wallet. Air conditioner use results in the release of an estimated 100 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, according to Energy Saver. We’ve got 3 super simple tips to help you reduce your energy consumption that won’t make you completely change the way you live. When it comes to staying cool this summer, a few small changes can make a big difference in energy conservation .   Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand. The average U.S. consumer eats nearly 22 pounds of ice cream every year with the demand for it rising with the temperature. It’s nice to think there’s no such thing as having too much and it turns out energy conservation analysts agree. The more that’s packed in the freezer, the better it is for energy costs. There’s now a good excuse to stock up on sweet treats or take time to meal plan for the week ahead. All for the sake of saving energy. Nothing feels better after a long run or a sweat-worthy workout than a cold shower to revitalize the body and feel refreshed. A cold shower is good for the skin, circulatory system, and overall wellness. Bonus: it helps cut energy costs. By giving the water heater a bit of break on hot, summer days and keeping shower time short, both a person’s body and energy budget can reap the benefits. Contrary to popular belief, laundry temperatures don’t have to be on the hottest setting to get clothes clean. Water heating makes up 18 percent of a home’s energy use, which translates to higher expenses month-over-month. Cold water is gentler on fabrics and works just as well to get stains out. Turn the dial to the cold setting to see savings on the energy bill. Simple life hacks are the perfect solution for people who want to reduce their energy spend without fully compromising their lifestyles. It’s best to identify a few areas which may be easier to cut back first before charging full-fledged into an energy-saving overhaul. It doesn’t take too much effort to practice conservation and reduce costs. Summer is a great time to implement changes that will have a positive impact on the months ahead. Saving energy in small ways adds up to permanently changing energy conservation for the better. Lead image via Shutterstock

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3 simple life hacks to keep cool and save energy this summer


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