1967 Volkswagen Camper transformed into ‘Back to the Future’ time machine

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As Marty would say, “that’s heavy”. Velocity Motors gave this 1967 VW camper a Back to the Future -inspired renovation that would make Doc Brown proud. Complete with Delorean-esque gull-wing doors and even a Flux Capacitor, the vintage van is currently on sale for $89,995. The exterior of the renovated camper is painted a sleek, muted grey. However, once the gull-wing doors swing upwards, there’s no denying the personality behind the custom makeover. In the front seat, drivers will enjoy a nice wide windshield as they program the working Flux Capacitor to go back to the future on a moment’s notice. No word if the Capacitor needs a boost from a lighting bolt to jolt the car into action. Related: Iconic VW Camper van to be revived as a battery-electric vehicle The revamped VW camper ‘s interior goes full throttle on its cinematic homage. A bright yellow and orange retro scheme was used throughout. The side doors open up into the passenger area, complete with comfy sofas and retro chairs – perfect for watching the Back to the Future movies on the large flat screen. The vintage van has just over 50,000 miles and is currently on sale by Nashville-based Velocity Motors for $89,995. + Velocity Motorcars Via My Modern Met Images via Velocity Motorcars

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1967 Volkswagen Camper transformed into ‘Back to the Future’ time machine


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