14 Beautiful Handcrafted Gifts for Eco-Friendly People

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In the old days we all used to put time and effort into making special gifts for the people we love, that is before the world changed and left most of us with little time to spare. Luckily there are still artisans who make their living crafting beautiful, meaningful gifts , so we have collected 14 really neat, special handcrafted gifts that are suitable for all kinds of people on your holiday list. We’ve got sweet brazil nut candles from Peru, hand-knitted fingerless gloves for friends and family who like to use their hands, an adorable dandelion necklace in a small glass orb , a hand-carved wooden tea strainer , and several other one-of-a-kind gifts that will thrill the eco-friendly people in your life. GREEN HANDCRAFTED GIFTS > Permalink | Add to del.icio.us | digg Post tags: brazil nut candles , buriti palm clutch handbag , candy cane soap , christmas gifts , claybean cooking pot , earth-friendly gifts , eco presents , eco-gifts , ecobota honeysuckle pressed botanical art , gift guide , green gift guide , green gifts , green holidays , green office , green presents , green splat bamboo wall clock , green xmas , handcrafted afghan soap , handcrafted moroccan plate , holiday gift guide , holidays , ikat decorative pillow case , manchoro wood drum , nkuringo wishing basket , presents , scalloped paper lantern , spiral recycled plastic holder , twig terrariums , xmas gifts        

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14 Beautiful Handcrafted Gifts for Eco-Friendly People


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