10 smart and cheap things every college dorm room needs

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NORDLI Wireless charging furniture Your phone is at 5% and you’re tossing everything out of your backpack trying to find your charger, which seems to have sprouted legs and strolled away. Sound familiar? IKEA is putting an end to vanishing phone chargers with their wireless charging NORDLI furniture . It works like this: set down your phone on your table or night stand. Pick up your phone once it has enough juice to for you to Snap your roommate doing that weird thing again. Repeat. RIGGAD LED work lamp with wireless charging If you already have your nightstand sitch squared away, but you still want that groovy wireless charging, check out the RIGGAD LED work lamp . Not only does it have energy-efficient LED bulbs, but you can also set your phone on the lamp’s base and it will charge right up. So you can get your study on while your phone is getting juiced up. BEKANT sit/stand desk It’s easy to get lost in that 20-page term paper and not realize that the hours have disappeared – that is, until you stand up to stretch and find that you are permanently hunched over like Quasimodo. The IKEA BEKANT desk can shift between sitting and standing height (22 – 48-inches) so that you can find the perfect position. It even comes with a cord management net to keep everything in place. TVINGEN shower curtain You might not realize how much water is rushing down the drain when you take a shower, but 2 gallons vanish every – single – minute that you stand there singing along with Spotify. That’s why we love this TVINGEN shower curtain . Not only does it look good, but the graphic reminds you that you are using up a lot of water, so keep it quick. BLAVIK LED mirror/lamp It’s the little things that you miss when you are living la vida dorm. Privacy. Mom’s home cooking. A well-lit space to apply makeup or shave your face. The BLAVIK LED mirror/lamp can fix one of those problems for you. It installs without the need for drilling and runs on batteries, so you can put it wherever you need good lighting and a mirror. Sadly, it can’t make even the most basic spaghetti. LYCKSELE sofa/bed This isn’t your mother’s futon. The LYCKSELE sofa/bed has a durable quilted slipcover that can be easily laundered should beer pong get out of hand. And it’s just the right size to turn even the tiniest dorm room into a cozy space to hang (or sleep) no matter how crazy things get. DOFTKLINT comforter set This 100% cotton DOFTKLINT comforter set looks as good as it feels. We love the colorful print and you’ll love the snaps that hold everything in place, so you can spend your time studying, not shifting your duvet around. FAVREN Shower caddy Trust us: it may not seem like much, but when you are trudging down the hall trying to juggle your shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, tower, face wash, wash towel, toothbrush and toothpaste (forget the necessities like a shower radio and your phone), you’re going to wish you had a shower caddy. This one is perfect because it has lots of compartments to keep you totally organized. IKEA PS 2014 storage combo Bamboo, how we love thee, let us count the ways: First, there’s the warm, textured look that takes any space up a notch. Then there’s that durability that can withstand even the rowdiest crowd. And don’t forget the sustainability. The IKEA PS 2014 storage shelf combines all that is amazing about bamboo with the perfect look and dimensions to hold absolutely everything you need in your dorm. MARSLEV rug When you start to pack for dorm life, floor coverings are probably the last thing on your mind. But trust us, a good rug will not only protect your feet, but it will take your dorm space from generic box to “feels like home” in an instant. The MARSLEV rug has a woven jute design that we can’t get enough of. + IKEA

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10 smart and cheap things every college dorm room needs


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