10 resolutions to make the world a better place this year

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The new year is upon us and the forecast looks dreary. From the election of a lying, corrupt megalomaniac to the U.S. Presidency, to the loss of countless beloved cultural figures such as David Bowie, Prince and Carrie Fisher, to 2016 breaking the hottest year on record AGAIN, 2016 has been one sucky year. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that for many of readers, 2017 doesn’t look like it is going to be any better, and many people are dealing with deep anxiety and depression over the coming year. As the world’s carbon emissions rise towards the point of no return, the new Trump Administration is threatening to smash the strides we’ve made towards clean energy , environmental conservation, social progress, and a sustainable future. But in darkness there is always light, and in the face of despair we can find hope and strength. Let the encroaching darkness of 2016 be your wake up call to find the light, share the light, and be a guiding light this year – for your fellow citizens of this planet and for future generations.

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10 resolutions to make the world a better place this year


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