10 gorgeous vintage lamps that add rustic modern charm to any space

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These days, everyone seems to be embracing the appeal of rustic modern decor . While modern design is sometimes perceived as being cold and sterile, a touch of rustic charm goes a long way towards infusing a space with warmth, charm, and personality. One of the easiest ways to nail the rustic modern aesthetic is with vintage industrial lights, which have withstood the test of time – and they look incredible when paired with other hallmarks of rustic modernism like natural stone, salvaged wood , and cozy textiles. We’ve rounded up 10 lamps that set the right tone for the perfect rustic modern space – check them out after the break! Cocoweb ‘s beautiful vintage-styled lights make the perfect addition to any rustic modern interior. From clean industrial barn lights and wall lanterns to colorful pendants and eye catching bulkhead lights , you’re sure to find one to suit your space – and thanks to LED technology, these lamps are much more efficient than their forebears. Read on for 10 of our favorite rustic modern lights – and if you’re struggling to find the right look, check out Cocoweb’s Interior Design Directory for a heaping dose of inspiration. Oldage LED Pendant Light Barn lights are the ultimate example of rustic modern design, with a vintage silhouette that has been around for ages. The Oldage LED Pendant Light updates a classic shape with the latest LED technology and finishes that are anything but bland. We love the copper color, which adds warmth and brightness to any room. Goodyear Indoor/Outdoor Barn Light Cocoweb’s Goodyear Barn Lights are a mainstay for any rustic modern space. Not only do they come in a wide range of colors – you can also choose the perfect size and stem style, which means that no matter how challenging your space is, there’s one that will be just right for you. And if they don’t already have exactly what you need, the Goodyear light is fully customizable . Blackspot LED Pendant Light Sometimes all you need is a little spot of light. The Blackspot LED Pendant provides focused task lighting and, when you choose a fun color like this dreamy jade, it can add a lively pop to neutral interiors. The braided cord can be adjusted to suit the height you need, and it comes in 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ shade sizes. Rockhampton Nautical Wall Sconce The Rockhampton Nautical Wall Sconce features an aged brass cage that evokes seaside days gone by. Meanwhile, the filament LED gives you all the benefits of energy-efficient light without detracting from the vintage look. Palmerston Nautical Wall Sconce The Palmerston Nautical Wall Sconce has the modern rustic look nailed down, with a caged design and simple utilitarian shape. You can choose black or brass depending on whether you want to go classic or bold, and the LED filament bulb uses a mere 6 watts of power, so you don’t have to feel guilty about letting it shine all night long. Canberra Bulkhead Wall Sconce Wall sconces add light where you need it, but done right, they can also be works of art. The Canberra Bulkhead Wall Sconce is handcrafted for a unique industrial look that will make any space shine. The exposed hardware and worn finish gives the sconce a vintage feel, while the LED bulb gives you plenty of light (without the extravagant power bill). Related: 10 ways to nail the rustic modern aesthetic with barn lights Carran Outdoor LED Wall Lantern There is nothing more charming than the warm glow of a lantern. What isn’t so charming is the fire hazard of oil-based lanterns. The Carran Outdoor LED Wall Lantern gives you all that vintage appeal with a modern LED bulb. The cage design and bulbous glass enclosure give the lantern the perfect Old-World charm. Limerick Outdoor LED Wall Lantern Sometimes you want your lighting to lean more rustic than modern. In that case, the Limerick Outdoor Lamp is the perfect fit. The spirals and vine-like ornamentation gives it a look straight out of a European village. But the LED technology is all modern. Unlike some LEDs, Cocoweb’s LED bulbs have that familiar yellow cast that we love from Edison bulbs – but at 6 watts, they are considerably more efficient. Oldage Customizable Industrial Floor Lamp Hunting for a flexible lamp that oozes rustic modern style and can be positioned anywhere you like? Look no further than the fully-customizable Oldage Industrial Floor Lamp . The adjustable shade is similar in style to the Oldage Gooseneck and Pendant fixtures, but in a floor lamp format that can be placed practically anywhere. The lamp can be adjusted at the joint to a range of different heights, and a built-in dimmer lets you pick the right amount of illumination. We particularly love the elegant arm that gives the lamp a minimalist vibe. Newcastle Flood Light The Newcastle Flood Light provides powerful illumination – and it feels like something straight out of an industrial workspace. The base is made of metal piping, and a caged shade and exposed hardware take your design to the next level. + Cocoweb

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10 gorgeous vintage lamps that add rustic modern charm to any space


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