10 Electrically assisted bikes designed for office goers

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Kuldeep Sharma: Optibike Optibike electrically assisted Bikes – the word that creates an excitement because of speed and thrills attached to it. Most of the people either male or female love to ride bikes. Every one has craze for bikes. But can you believe that the time has come when you can use your bike to go to your office. If you have got bored of going to your office in the back seat of your luxury sedan, then it is the time to opt for a bike that can make your office going experience quite joyful. There are many of these bikes available in the market but here I am providing some of the best picked electric bikes that suits well for all office goers. Being electric bikes, they help you to reduce air pollution too. 1. Kettler Twin electric bike Kettler Kettler Kettler Twin electric bike is one of the most efficient and hybrid bike in its category. It is manufactured by German Bike designing company “Kettler”, it makes it at the top of other electric bikes. This bike uses Panasonic’s Electric Drive system incorporated with advanced Lithium Batteries. The bike has 7 or 8 gear hub that allows you to drive long distances at average speed. The weight of the bike is only 50 lbs that makes your ride a pure pleasure. It has option for both Pedalling as well as using electric motor system. 2. Optibike opti Opti bike Optibike is one of the most popular electric bike in this segment. Optibike is designed by Jim Turner. Jim Turner has been awarded for his bike designs. Optibike is made up of light weight carbon fibre that makes it very stylish also. Optibike comes with integrated GPS system, a PDA for monitoring the real time performance of the bike and the lithium-ion battery operated motor. On a single charge of battery, you can enjoy the pedal free ride for 2 hours. The bike comes with a hefty price tag of $13,000, which makes it slightly costly in electric bike segments. 3. Tharula Tharula tharula Tharula is one of the concept electric bike designed for the future roads of the year 2025. The concept for this bike is given by Diana Lumbasyo. This concept bike helps you get rid of crowded roads with its unique and extraordinary design. The bike is designed in Red Ferrari color with its looks like a circus ring. 4. World’s fastest electric bike Backtrail Backtrail If you think that bikes are usually slow, then this bike will change your thinking. Backtrail, one of the fastest electric bike can go upto a speed of 100 kph. The bike is manufactured by a German Bike manufacturer PG Bikes. The bike has a price tag of €59,500. Only 667 units of this bike will be manufactured by the company. 5. L3 Electric Bike L3 concept bike by Camilo Parra Palacio L3 concept bike by Camilo Parra Palacio L3 Electric bike concept is given by Camilo Parra Palacio, a columbian designer. This bike is single seater with excellent features like 1000 W motor, six lead acid batteries that can give ride upto seven hours without interruption. The bike is most suitable for the needs of emerging tourism industry. 6. VW Launches Car & e-Bike Combo Bik E Bike The well known car manufacturer company Volkswagon has come up with its “Bik.E”. Bik.E is a electric folding bike, that you can easily carry in your car. The bike contains frame integrated batteries that provide the bike a speed of upto 20 kph. Being only 20 kg in weight it fits easily with your outings. 7. Evaders: High Performance Electric Bikes Evader’s Scooter Evader’s Scooter Evaders is a stylish E Bike in its category. Available at a cool price tag of only $999 makes it a good buy. On a single charge this bike can go for 45 miles. The bike contains a 1000 W motor that offers a maximum speed of 35 mph. Noise level of this bike is very low. 8. Giant Twist Freedom DX Electric Bike twist dx Twist Dx Giant Twist Freedom Electric bike is a bike that combines electric power with the power of its rider. This bike was recently tested by Popular Mechanics. The bike has 3 modes like eco mode, normal mode, and sports mode to suit your style. 9. The A2B Electric Bike A2B A2B electric bike A2B electric bike is designed mainly for urban commuting. This bike has broader seat to give you a comfortable ride and can be charged at an ordinary electric socket. Even you can take your friend for ride on this as it has 2 seats. 10. New Modern Electric Bike from France The Matra MS1 Electric Bike Ms1 ms1 matra This bike is manufactured by French Bike maker “Matra”. This stylish bike can travel upto 60 miles at a speed of 30 mph. For this you need to spend around $5000. The bike contains an LCD screen that shows different parameters about your ride. Bike has Disc brakes for taking full control over the bike.

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10 Electrically assisted bikes designed for office goers


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